The IMA has registered eight apprenticeship occupations that can be pursued by employers or apprentices. If you are a part of the incumbent workforce and want more credentials, are a student looking for specialized skills, or have any interest in these eight occupations, an apprenticeship might be right for you. The eight registered occupations are:

  • CNC Operator

  • Welder/Fabricator

  • Machinist

  • Machine Operator

  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

  • Mechatronics Technician

  • Robotics Technician

  • Engineering Technician

We will be updating our site with more information in the future, but if you are curious about how to:

  • become an apprentice

  • hire an apprentice in one of the above occupations for your company

  • and for more information about the opportunities that Forging Futures offers

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